Februar’s mission is to lead the Web3 payments revolution.

We believe that Web3 is the future of the internet. But to foster mass adoption, we strongly need to improve the user experience (UX) and ease of access to Web3.
Payments are an essential part, both for users and Web3 projects, since they enable financial transactions. Just as IRL, they are often the basis for business to take place. We strongly care for both stakeholder groups, end-users and Web3 projects (i.e., wallets, NFT storefronts, DeFi protocols, gaming, …).

Februar is the developers’ choice when it comes to payments in Web3. We are building an easy to integrate API for all Web3 projects (wallets, NFT storefronts, DeFi protocols, gaming, …), so they can offer their customers the forms of payment they love. We deliver an essential part for Web3 to grow, by bringing fiat (EUR) payments into any crypto-context.

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